Unpublished Papers on Love

These are papers I’ve been working on for the last several years, defending a broadly Anabaptist ethic. Eventually they’ll make their way into a book, tentatively titled Into Shalom: An Ethics of Radical Discipleship.


Love and Markets: In Defense of Anticapitalism.” (Rewrite of 11/12/2021) A love-based critique of capitalism as practiced in the U.S. and other developed markets. Comments welcome.

Less New

Jesus and Affluence.” (Draft of 8/25/2014) Peter Singer famously argued that the moral demands of affluence are high. He claimed furthermore that such is the teaching of many of the world’s great religious traditions, and that Jesus’s teachings on wealth and poverty imply as much. This paper argues in support of the latter claim. Comments welcome.

Love and Borders.” (Draft of 2/5/2021) This paper argues for open borders from the second love command, making heavy use of variations on Michael Huemer’s widely discussed “Sam and Marvin” thought experiment (from his “Is There a Right to Immigrate?” Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 36, No. 3 [July 2010], pp. 429-461). Comments welcome.

Love and Violence.” (Draft of 7/16/2021) This paper argues from the second love command to an ethics of nonviolence. Comments welcome.

In Progress

“Love and Prisons: In Defense of Abolition.” A love-based argument for prison abolition. Coming soon.

“Love and the State: In Defense of Christian Anarchism.” A love-based defense of Christian anarchism. Coming soon.

“Love and Praxis.” An explication of Jesus following as practice of a way, comprising intentional community, contemplative prayer, voluntary poverty, radical hospitality, peacemaking, nonviolent direct action, and the works of mercy. Coming soon.